SharePoint Outlook Plugin, AI.SYNCPOINT 

AI.SYNCPOINT is a simple but powerful solution designed to increase the user productivity, flexibility and compliance of Microsoft SharePoint through Outlook.

Find out more on how to collaborate using Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint by watching this video:

 Benefits of AI.SYNCPOINT:

  • Easy to use - Users can drag and drop emails and attachments into SharePoint document and record libraries which appear and function as regular Outlook folders
  • Supports remote working- Full offline capability allowing users to add, view and update content when offline
  • Enhances organisational control - SharePoint sites and libraries that the organisation wants users to collaborate on, can be automatically pushed out to users
  • Enables SharePoint adoption - Browse SharePoint 'live' from your email interface. Avail of functionality such as preview, edit, drag & drop, send & file and check in/out SharePoint files all from within Outlook
  • Improves information governance - Automatic metadata population within SharePoint from Outlook (including email headers), the ability to retain emails against projects and corporate retention policy

 AI.SYNCPOINT supports all versions of Microsoft Outlook, and all versions of Microsoft SharePoint from 2010 upwards, including Office 365. 

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